Gilbert Wants To Solve Chicago’s Budget Crisis – Fairly!


Solve Chicago’s Budget Crisis – Fairly!

One of the things I hear most when talking to voters is the budget and pension crises facing our state and city. I am truly impressed by people’s knowledge of this difficult issue. What most people don’t know is that there is a real solution called the Fair Tax.
If we can pressure our representatives in Springfield to pass the Fair Tax Bill, taxes would go down on 94% of residents in the state and nearly everyone in the 36th Ward.
We can solve the budget crisis, we can solve the pension crisis, all we have to do is come altogether and pressure our representatives into doing what is right. Please take a few minutes to figure out what the Fair Tax would do for you, then sign the petition. Wouldn’t it be nice to solve problems by lowering your income taxes rather than raising your property tax?
Punch #53 to fight raising your property taxes!
Fair Tax Calculator: http://calculator.
Fair Tax Petition:

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