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Benefits and non-benefits of cannabis legalization

In the US, nine of fifty-one states already have existing laws about the use of marijuana; another twenty accepted its appliance for medical purposes. Their citizens are not only free to buy it for medical and recreational reasons; there are even specialized online shops offering a range of products that contain cannabidiol. They provide tasty treats for stress relief and fighting insomnia (like just cbd gummies), products for pets, and relax stuff like massage oil, coffee, and bath cosmetics (one of such shops` reviews you can find here
However, the federal government keeps sticking to Schedule I controlled classification of this product, which makes it illegal along with cocaine and heroin.

The benefits and flaws of official cannabis use

As marijuana is still forbidden in most parts of the US, it limits the process of studies and researches of this substance for the potential medical benefits, but the question of its legalization is still a hot topic. With firm believers that hold tight to their opinion on each side of the debate, there are solid arguments for and against its official recognition.
The key benefits of cannabis legislation are:

Destroying the black market

Over long years, the only place where people could find and buy cannabis has been the so-called black market. Everyone had a «bro» who had some at hand and knew someone who also met someone who turned out to be a drug dealer. Such dealers usually belonged to mafia or terrorist organizations, so the legalization of cannabis will make bad guys either go legit and positively impact tax revenue or think about another illegal business. At the same time, police and courts can switch their attention to more important cases;

Applying in medicine

Medical marijuana like THC or CBD in the form of pills, oils, and hempworx gummies can treat a range of complex diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, chronic pains, migraines, depression and multiple sclerosis not talking about such small things as insomnia, stress, and loss of appetite or high blood sugar. Medical products that contain cannabis are already available online in multiple flavors (check lazarus naturals review to learn more about one of such shops) and has a beneficial impact on our healthcare system without getting high;

Improving safety and quality

Buying the drug illegally off the street, the end-users never know what they are actually buying and how it can impact them. Legalization leads to certain standards, quality checks, and safety control, just like in the industries of tobacco and alcohol. It also prevents the possibility of an overdose and other negative impacts on people`s health.
The real disadvantages of cannabis legislation are:


This is the most obvious and harmful flaw of using cannabis due to which it has been forbidden. Although, scientists still have no common opinion regarding this point, stating that it is a «light» drug, others claim that dependence comes over time. It is often compared to cigarette smoking with second-hand smokers suffering (which is completely legal, by the way);

Health impact

In addition to many benefits that marijuana brings to our health, it also impacts it negatively. We are talking about decreased mental health like memory loss, risk of lung cancer as the smoker takes it deeper, perception-altering and problems with driving, etc.
More and more states are moving towards the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, so it`s always good to know what to expect.